Bibi and Human will be back this summer. Full BETA

Hello everyone!

So I have some bitter sweet news. Unfortunately due to the volume of paid work I have- I am unable to continue the update for Bibi and Human that would have launched this month.  

However like I mentioned this is bittersweet news, for the Next update will be the {Beta} full game.  Complete with the main story and some fun side-things I had been working on.

I am expecting to launch the Full Beta June/July.  Like I mentioned I am juggling too much paid work/ prior commitments to continue with Bibi and Human. Which is exciting but also-boo responsibilities 'Am I right?'.

Not all is lost however, if you enjoy the story of human and Bibi and want to continue to read stories like this by Oddyssey Studio, also for Free make sure to check out :

 SIDHE the most recent launch on webtoons.


Webtoon by Oddyssey Studio--Check it out!

Click the image for details- Also the perk about this is you can download the app and read it on your phone! Super cool ;)

Also don't forget to check out Vale-Free comic  also by Oddyssey studio. 

Vale a comic Series.

Click the image for more info.  The second and third are essentially finished and on their way. So definitely Check that out if you haven't.

And Finally, arguably the most important aspect to all of this is the Patreon. if you find things on here are a little too PG head on over to my Patreon. Oddyssey studio Patreon offers a wide variety of NSFW and exclusive content. So check it out for yourself.


That being said, thank you followers for following. Don't give up on me yet.

More to come-much more.


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